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Pulham's X9

Chipping Norton to Hailey  (Cider crawl)
Last updated: 16/07/2015

Which day? Saturday
How many pubs? 5
Which towns/villages? Charlbury
(via Hailey)
Chipping Norton
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Pulham's offer an Explorer Ticket on this and other routes. For £7.50 this ticket is all you'll need for the day's travelling. Buy it from the driver at the start of the crawl.

1310 : Leave Chipping Norton, West Street (by Katherine House). You should get to Charlbury at 1328. Get off in the centre of the village right outside the Bell Hotel for a short walk back to the Rose and Crown.
1430 : Leave Charlbury from outside the Bell again*. Ask nicely to be let off by the Plough. If the driver's miserable and won't then the nearest proper stop is only a two minute walk from the pub.
*When leaving Charlbury, be aware that buses toward both Witney and Chipping Norton pick up from the same stop.
1540 : Leave Finstock from the nearest stop (a two minute walk in the Witney direction). You'll get to Hailey at 1548. Get off at the first stop as you enter the village. Cross the road and head immediately down Priest Hill Lane. When you reach the end of the lane turn right into Foxburrow Lane and continue down the hill to the Crawley Inn. From the bus stop to the pub is 0.8 miles and takes about 14 minutes. Taking this into account you'll have an hour's drinking time there. You could always stay longer and get a later bus straight back to Chipping Norton.
1714 : Hop on the X9 opposite the stop where you got off. Time for a snooze, perhaps, then get off in Chadlington in Chipping Norton Road opposite the junction of Church Road. Take a 3 minute walk to the Tite Inn down Mill End.
1845: Leave Chadlington from the same stop opposite Church Road back to Chipping Norton.
1853 : Arrive back at Chipping Norton, West Street. Cross the road where you will find the Fox Hotel, a good pub in which to finish your cider crawl.
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