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New Report Highlights Vital Social Role of Community Pubs 13th May 2009
Hook Norton Sweeps Up at IBC 2009 12th November 2009


New report highlights vital social role of community pubs

13th May 2009

MPs will today be presented with a new report which highlights the importance of pubs to society and calls for urgent action to avert the closure of 40 pubs a week. The report was produced by leading think tank, IPPR, Institute for Public Policy Research, with the support of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale.

The IPPR report includes a pioneering new method of calculating the social and economic benefit generated by well-run community pubs and finds that pubs are:

  • The most popular place where people can mix socially with others from different backgrounds.
  • A great supporter of charity, with over £3,000 raised per pub every year.
  • Outside of the home the most popular place for people to meet their neighbours.
  • A place for people to make new friends- more than one in five pub goers has made a new friend in a pub in the past six months.

Rick Muir, Senior Research Fellow, IPPR said:

"Government must stop using a one-size-fits-all approach to licensed premises which is killing off our community pubs. Well-run community pubs should be encouraged and supported rather than penalised along with the small number of badly run pubs. Community pubs are not just places to drink but also places where people meet their neighbours; make new friends; and where local clubs hold meetings and events."

Mike Benner, CAMRA Chief Executive

"At a time of unprecedented pub closures, this report will help Local Councils and National Government recognise the importance of well-run pubs to strong communities and thriving local economies. Well-run community pubs not only provide a safe and relaxed environment for people to enjoy a drink but they also form the bedrock of community life and people's social networks. Virtual networking sites such as Facebook and My Space will never be able to replace the experience of socialising in person in the Great British Pub."

Source: National CAMRA

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Hook Norton sweep up at IBC 2009

12th November 2009

Hook Norton beers have been judged as among the best in the world in the International Beer Challenge (IBC) 2009 - the world's premier competition for bottled beers. The judges awarded the accolade of a Gold medal to Double Stout, Twelve Days, Haymaker and Old Hooky - more than any other brewer in the world. Two more Hook Norton beers picked up bronze awards - Hooky Bitter and Hooky Gold - and all six beers won medals for the quality of their bottle design and labelling.

Hook Norton's Old Hooky was listed at number one and Double Stout came in at number eight in the Independent newspaper's list of the top 50 beers in the world.

Source: Hook Norton Brewery

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