Branch Contacts

To protect our members from receiving unwanted 'spam' emails there are no 'home' email links to the people listed below. However to contact us please add after the @ symbol or click on the orange links.

   Lynne Baldwin

 Chairman (chairman@)
   Martin Batts

 Branch Contact (contact@)
   Paul Forrest

 Membership Secretary (membership@)
   Simon Whitehead

 Treasurer (treasurer@)
   Stuart Robbins

 Social Secretary (social@)
 Cider Rep (cider@)
   Russell Broom

 Social media co-ordinator (socials@)
   Brian Wray

 Pubs Officer (pubs@)
   Oliver Sladen

 "Beer On Tap" Adverts Editor (botads@)
   John Bellinger

 General Member
   Matt Everard

 Web Master (webmaster@)
   Jon Huntbach

 Pubs Database Officer / Pub Marks (pubsdatabase@)

Committee-wide email address (send to everyone) : committee@

For info on currently vacant positions, please see this page.

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