Beer By Bus

Stagecoach S4

Banbury to Tackley
Last updated: 06/11/2016

Which day? Saturday
How many pubs? 4 - 8
Which towns/villages? Adderbury
Steeple Aston
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Start by boarding any Stagecoach bus toward Banbury and ask the driver for a Dayrider Gold. This ticket allows unlimited travel throughout Oxfordshire on all Stagecoach buses for 24 hours. It costs a very reasonable £8.00. If you're travelling in a pair (or pairs) it is more economical to ask for a Group Dayrider Gold. This one ticket works the same as a Dayrider Gold but can be used by two adults travelling together. It costs £13.50 which is cheaper per person at effectively only £6.75 each.

1350 : Leave Banbury Bus Station (Bay 6). In Adderbury get off by the Green and you'll be within easy reach of the Bell Inn, the Coach & Horses and the Red Lion.
1506 : Leave Adderbury by the Green. Get off in Deddington market place where the Deddington Arms, the Red Lion and the Unicorn Inn should all be open.
1612 : Hop on the S4 out of Deddington market place. The next village you come to will be Steeple Aston. Arriving at about 1622 take a short walk to the Red Lion.
1722 :

Leave Steeple Aston from the same stop where you got off and head off to Tackley. Here the only pub in the centre of the village is the Gardiners Arms which should be open at this time. It's a short walk from the Green where the bus stops. Leave to come back from opposite that same stop.

1851 : Catch the S4 bus back to Banbury.
1951 : If you want to stay here longer (or you missed the previous bus) catch this last S4 bus back to Banbury.
or 2031:
Arrive back at Banbury Bus Station.
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